Who We Are

OUR PARISH   We are a traditional Anglican Church, adhering to the faith and practice of the early Christian Church. Located in the heart of “Old Town” Orange in California, USA, we are a warm, caring and friendly family of Christians.  Our mission is to reach out to the community, teaching the love of Christ and following His command to “make disciples of all nations”.  Guiding our worship is the 1928 Book of Common Prayer enriched by the great classic hymns.

OUR DIOCESE   The Diocese of the Holy Trinity was the first continuing Anglican diocese to be established after the crisis of the Episcopal Church in 1976. The first synod (convention) of the diocese was held in Los Angeles in 1977. The diocese currently exercises jurisdiction in the United States west of the Mississippi River. The cathedral is historic Saint Mary's Church, Denver, Colorado.

OUR PROVINCE   The Original Province of the Anglican Catholic Church was founded in 1980, uniting several Continuing Church dioceses into a single national church structure. The Original Province currently comprises seven dioceses in the United States as well as dioceses and missionary districts in Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Carribean, and Latin America. A second province, the Church of India (CIPBC) comprises several dioceses on the Indian subcontinent.